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Cave Canem: Wise ‘Westie’ Words for Wedding Guests

Alfred the Elder, the oldest  ‘Westie’ in residence at beautiful Crow’s Hall, shares a paw-full of polite requests on behalf of his canine companions (and Caroline).

Crow’s Hall is first and foremost our home, but just like our owner, Caroline, we get such joy from being in this brilliant, historic and unspoilt Suffolk spot that it would be just too selfish not to share it.

We think it’s a place to celebrate. And wedding celebrations here, in the gardens, grounds and the ridiculously long long-barn set off its true colours. We love having special guests about and enjoy ‘helping’ too wherever four paws are appropriate, but we’d really appreciate it if folk could bear a few little things in mind, to keep a smile on our furry faces and keep us safe during their time with us.

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Crow’s Hall Wedding Couples & Guests – Alfred the Elder’s Words of Wisdom

1. Crow’s Hall is the place we call home.
We are part of the furniture (or at least sprawled all over it quite a bit of the time). Molly, the white greyhound has been here for over a decade. She’s literally part of the fabric of the place – immortalised in the renovated plasterwork in the dining room.
Please be understanding if we get under your feet a bit. We’ll try not to be a nuisance, but we do live here 365 days a year. Molly and I are both good at hiding. The whippersnappers, Rosie and Betsy are just full of the innocent enthusiasm of youth. I’m afraid, we don’t call her ‘Nosy Rosie’ for nothing, but she’s adorable really.

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2. Please don’t let us out.
As much as our big pleading eyes may tempt you, Caroline feels that it’s often better that we stay indoors. She says, we rule the roost here, but Mum always knows best.

Betsy is still very excited by her new-found home here and takes any opportunity to dash across the moat and head for the fields. She’s also able to sniff out food from a delivery driver’s packed lunch to an unattended wedding cake at pretty much any distance. A rescue-dog in training, we’re working on her and she’s doing great. Thanks for being mindful. Every little helps.

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3. Keep an eye out for us on the driveway and avenue.
We have equine and other friends in the stable block and neighbours in the estate cottages. As you’d expect from a wedding venue, we love walking the bridal(!) ways and paddock paths with Mum, but apparently she doesn’t have eyes in the back of her head.

Please drive gently along the driveway in case we are about.

4. There are 4 of us (not including Caroline).
So sorry -this may seem rudimentary, but it is not always that obvious.

Westies are smaller than greyhounds. Our legs are short and we can’t run as fast – in any circumstance, whether there is a squirrel about or not.

Most importantly, where one hound may go, others are sure to follow. If you see one on the driveway, chances are there are two, three or four of us somewhere as yet unseen. Thanks for your vigilance.

5. Hide your shoes.
Or rather, please don’t leave them by the door and expect them still to be there when you return.

Both Rosie and Betsy are rather partial to a pair – or even a single shoe. They have very cosmopolitan tastes, so there is no rhyme or reason to what takes their fancy. We’ve tried severe reprimands and it doesn’t work. Sorry, you have been warned…

6. Make room for a little one in the rowing boat.
It would make Rosie’s day. She tried it once and took to it like duck to water. Don’t worry you won’t find her going after the wildfowl and she won’t rock the boat.

And finally – a note about barking and biting.
Please don’t. It’s not what we do here at Crow’s Hall. Greyhounds, Molly will tell you, are notoriously calm, quiet, collected, easy on the lead and appreciate a good hug rather than any rumpus – although we all enjoy the musical interludes when there are weddings, concerts and opera going on around us.

Rosie-the-look-out will have the occasional yap at the postman, or will get Mum’s attention with a bark-let or two if someone calls by and she’s not in the kitchen. Generally though, we go for a quiet life, and even the littlest ones amongst us are hugely friendly. Biting is not an option …unless you happen to be a particularly tasty-looking shoe (see above).

We look forward to welcoming your wedding party and guests and sharing our beautiful home.
Oh, and by the way – do bring your (well-behaved- naturally) dog(s) to your wedding at Crow’s Hall – we’d just love to meet all of the  family!  

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