Tempus Fugit – Crow’s Hall DIY Wedding Schedules

Crow’s Hall has so much space to call your own – it’s the perfect blank wedding canvas, but like every masterpiece it will take time to get the ‘composition’ just right. We thought we’d share the on-site Suffolk DIY wedding set-up plan from one of our earlier bridal couples.

Planning to marry in Debenham Church as they had relatives living relatively locally, they loved staying at Crow’s Hall with a handful of friends and family from further afield, to prepare as much of their own wedding as they could themselves. And in the heart of Suffolk farming country, they were keen make the most of the excellent locally produced  food and drink on offer.

Debenham may be famous for Aspall ciders and apple juice, but Suffolk has local lagers and fine real ales as well as soft fruit farms; asparagus, vegetable and egg producers; not to mention some excellent traceable sources of beef, pork and game too.

Here’s their outline of their Crows Hall Suffolk DIY wedding plan leading through their week on site, as they prepared for their Saturday afternoon Debenham church wedding in Suffolk.

Crow’s Hall owner, Caroline, was on hand throughout of course, gently in the wings until there were questions or an extra pair of hands required. But it was also thanks to the plan that everyone knew how to help.

It was all wonderfully relaxed and considered great fun at the end of the day – well, ok with just a little bit of military precision required at times.


09.30 Collect & transport fridges & freezers to Crows Hall Barn Debenham – John

12.00 Collect & transport Gran’s table, bar tables & barrel stand to Crows Hall Barn – John

14.00 Vacuum the barn – Marina

16.00 Return trailer to depot in Ipswich – John


09.30 Set up the bar area in the Crows Hall Barn, incl. fairy lighting – Lily & John

14.00 Vacuum the Barn – Marina or John


AM  Await delivery of chair & tables from banqueting hire service – Peter

AM Buy four cheeses (big ones!) ordered from Suffolk cheese producers – Ian (Take cool boxes, so they don’t stink the car out please!)

PM Lighting firm arrives to put up exterior coloured wedding lighting around Crows Hall ; final discussions with Caroline & venue lighting experts about Crows Hall Barn venue lighting.


09.30 Collect Suffolk-produced lager, plus gas & chiller from the pub. Transport to Crows Hall -Peter & John

11.30 Collect real ale from the local brewery – Peter & John

14.00 Set up the beers – Peter & John (not the time for tastings quite yet, boys!)

14.00 Collect strawberries from farm near Stowmarket– Lily & Marina (don’t worry, you don’t have to pick them!)

14.00 Decorate the Barn & set out tables and chairs – all hands please!

PM Buffet meal delivery from supermarket chain.
PM Delicious Extras delivery from Mark at Framlingham Deli.
PM Transfer to fridges in the Barn – Lily & Marina


AM Await delivery of dance floor – John
AM Await delivery of toilet block from loo hire people – John
AM Discuss best site for gazebos in Crows Hall moated garden with Caroline – depends on the breeze across the water on the day (Caroline’s a lady farmer, so an excellent weather girl!)

PM Set up gazebos – John & Michael
PM Set up tea urn – John

18.00 Wedding Ceremony Rehearsal in St Mary’s Church Debenham (getting real now…)

19.00 Arrange chairs in the Church

PM Decorate the fairy cakes – Victoria, Laura & Lily
PM Complete flower arrangements for the tables – Carol, Jayne, Rachel & Susie

SATURDAY … Here at last!

AM Collect glasses from supermarket chain & deliver to Crows Hall – Sarah
AM Set up tables in either garden or barn depending on the weather/ forecast – John & Peter (consult the weather girl please, boys)

11.00 Await arrival of local farm hog roast service – John

13.00 Set up glasses & check chilling bubbly  / Put out tea, sugar & milk – Janet & Mary


9.30 Leisurely continental breakfast –  with the new Mr & Mrs Smith! – in Crows Hall Barn – all (pre-booked) welcome

Take down begins  : (

Taxis to the station booked for 13.00 from Crows Hall Debenham for London departures from Stowmarket station

Start married life proper (!)

This Crow’s Hall Suffolk DIY Wedding schedule is just an example.

Many of our couples also choose to have additional outdoor wedding blessings, glamping or marquees on the paddocks for bars, activities or break out areas for all ages.

The possibilities for your Suffolk DIY Wedding at Crows Hall Debenham are as endless as your imagination.

Just remember to keep it fun – have a plan, so people feel valued and helpful.

And above all as you make the most of your week at this amazing Suffolk wedding venue, don’t forget: Tempus Fugit – times flies, just like the waterfowl on the dovecote’s weathervane!