As you like it – Dream weddings at Crow’s Hall

Wedding venues may claim to offer a ’blank canvas’ for ‘dream’ weddings and DIY weddings, but only Crow’s Hall really means it. Utter freedom and flexibility is a very rare find.

Wedding talk can be all clichés. ‘Unique’, ‘bespoke’, ‘fairytale’…  none of the words can really convey your vision or excitement. Ultimately, it’s your day and you want it to be perfect. You may even want to do it all yourself – a DIY wedding of sorts – to get everything just right.  It’s a precious opportunity to let your imagination and personality as individuals and as a couple fly – to create a joyful celebration to remember and be remembered.

So just how achievable is your ‘dream’ wedding in reality?

Caroline Spurrier, owner of Crow’s Hall, shares some insights to get you thinking.

There are wedding venues – and then there is Crow’s Hall.

It may sound rather obvious, but almost every wedding venue is ‘geared’ for weddings, whether it is a specifically built or prepared room/barn or marquee. Each wedding venue will have its own furniture, lighting, kitchens and loos, and for every wedding, it may be that each table is set up the same as it was for the last one with the same table cloths, glass, crockery supplied by the venue.  The flower arrangements will differ according to budget of course. Unfortunately, the furniture, loos, kitchens, etc., can often become tired too and it is not always practicable for the venue to keep updating and decorating.

All too often, the cadre for the ‘dream’ to play out comes with constraints. In many ways, each ‘unique’ wedding becomes rather the same as the last one, occasionally even down to the last detail. So if you want to break free of the stereo-types, what’s the solution?

Imagine if you could be married from home – nowhere is more relaxed or flexible. However, ‘home’ may lack suitability for many reasons – not enough space; its location; its ability to transform, etc. So what if you could borrow one?  At Crow’s Hall, we offer a home which is very much lived in, but also a home with all the potential for your imagination to run wild. Here, even when couples have tried to replicate things from photographs of previous weddings, it has never been the same or even close to it. At Crow’s Hall, each wedding really is totally individual and unique.

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Is the unrivalled choice of a DIY wedding for you?

Crow’s Hall has been shared for wedding receptions and celebrations for seven years now and we have been closely involved with the creation of each and every one of them. Many couples have a strong vision (and budget!) and a very clear view of the planning for one of the most important days of their lives.

Other couples, however, have less.  They still want the challenge of creating this special day and with our help, they create something they could never even dream about.  For these couples, here are a few tips and observations.

The DIY wedding has unrivalled choice and is therefore more difficult to budget both in terms of financial cost and time. The depth of choice out there is never-ending. Sadly, I have witnessed a few who seem to have bitten off more than they could chew.

The budgets, both money and time, are the number one priority, but money can buy the time. For those short of time but not budget, there is a huge choice of wedding planners out there who can organise anything we can’t, but remember that here we can organise an awful lot including all furniture hire, caterers, sound and lighting, music, flowers, photographers and more. Our service is included in the hire fee – we can certainly help with finding someone to take on the rest!

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For those on a tight financial budget, do make sure that your dream day is not going to have its magic removed by financial worry for the next however many years. Take care to not work yourselves ragged trying to create your dream day, only to be so exhausted that you simply can’t enjoy it.  Beware.

Why Crow’s Hall is so different

Crow’s Hall is very much lived in by its owner with resident dogs and horses and not obviously a wedding venue. Each wedding is set up from scratch and it’s like borrowing your friends’ home. We expect and hope that our guests treat it as such and we have enjoyed having guests bringing their horses and friendly well-behaved dogs in our stables and grounds.

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During the winter, the spectacular Suffolk long barn reverts to agriculture and teases the imagination of every prospective couple who come to visit.  Full to the brim with farm seed and fertilizer, it will appeal to those with the wildest dreams.

In 2017, two weddings were even booked while the barn was full of scaffolding and waiting for its new roof!  What’s more, these two weddings proved to be a couple of our best!

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The beautiful Crow’s Hall is timeless and its possibilities potentially endless.

You see, dreams can become reality.